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 The Raging Horns
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Robert Payn Vocals & Guitar
Gary Smith-Lyons Drums
Adrian Wallis Bass Guitar
Roger Lewin Piano/Keyboards
Phil Knott Trombone & Vocals
Jon Peel Trumpet
Graeme 'Baz' Turner Saxophone

Robert 'the fish' Payn
Vocals & Guitar
Robert's Blend of Joe Jackson voice and Steve Cropper guitar keep the energy levels high.

Gary Smith-Lyons
Charismatic & flamboyant in both his playing and personality.  A great musician and band member.
Ade 'bw' Wallis
Bass Guitar
Adrian, together with Andy, keeps the grooves fat & solid and "in the pocket". We defy you not to dance.
Roger 'roget' Lewin
Roger's ability to switch from any style and play 'full-on' amazing solos is awesome.
Featuring The Raging Horns:-
Phil 'wolfman' Knott
Trombone & Vocals
'Positive phrasing or' raw energy channelled through a brass pipe ? full-on trombone solos.
Jon 'jazz' Peel
'Master of Swing, cool jazz solos and punchy top notes combine to make Jon the most versatile trumpet/flugel player in the region'

Graeme 'baz' Turner
From the raunchy tenor to the sweet melancholic soprano - top sax every time.

The Raging Horns


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